Coolflow Non-Toxic Glycols For Supermarket Operations

A range of fully inhibited heat transfer fluids with antifreeze function, for use in all glycol chiller applications. Launched in 2010, non-toxic Coolflow DTX represents a major step forward in heat transfer and pumping efficiency, providing >10% reduction in operating costs when compared with Propylene Glycol based fluids.

Many supermarkets have adopted heat recovery to help them achieve their efficiency and sustainability objectives. Hydratech products (glycols, inhibitors and cleansers) are used in numerous heat recovery systems around the world to utilize the wasted heat generated by refrigeration equipment.

Hydratech’s team of sales engineers, chemists and analysts can assist with all aspects of heat transfer fluid performance, running costs, environmental impact, compatibility, and energy efficiency.

For supermarket cooling applications, Hydratech recommend the products listed below.