Our Story

Founded in 1998, Hydratech started out as a family run business formulating and manufacturing heat transfer fluids, glycol formulations, antifreeze solutions, corrosion inhibitors and water treatment chemicals for cooling and heating systems. Now part of the larger Liquitherm Technologies Group, Hydratech are recognised as an industry leader.

With extensive chemical engineering experience and industry knowledge, they have built an enviable list of blue-chip partners across many business and industry sectors including; food & beverage, manufacturing, power & utilities, renewable energy, agriculture, healthcare, education and retail.

Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Papa John’s Pizza, McCain, Red Bull, Mercedes, BMW, Ocado and Siemens are just a few of the companies benefiting from the numerous operating advantages of Hydratech's specialist fluids.

Hydratech invest heavily in research and development, to ensure they remain at the forefront of the heat transfer fluid industry. In 2010, Hydratech introduced Coolflow DTX - a high performance non-toxic secondary refrigerant, suitable for replacing propylene glycol in food and cold storage cooling systems.

Performance wise, DTX has very similar heat transfer and pumping characteristics to Ethylene Glycol and subsequently benefits from numerous operating advantages such as low viscosity, low dose rates and smaller systems and plant footprints onsite.

Proven to reduce energy costs by >10% (as verified by Star Technical Services), Coolflow DTX will maintain suitable efficiencies for low temperature systems previously not possible with Propylene Glycols - while improving fluid reliability and system longevity. From initial concept, design and tender stages, to retrofit, DTX represents huge potential for RAC companies and cold store operators, owners, and colocation services.

Hydratech’s team of sales engineers, chemists and analysts can assist with all aspects of thermal performance, running costs, environmental impact, compatibility and energy efficiency. The team also has the expertise to formulate fluid solutions for bespoke applications.

Following consistent demand for technical and engineering advice, Hydratech recognised the need to take things a step further and provide ‘hands on’ industry support.

In 2018, the Hydratech Fluid Management Services (FMS) Division was set up to provide specialist engineering and maintenance services to customers installing, commissioning, operating or optimising closed cooling and heating systems.